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Silver season opening

Starting the day earlier than usual and in a chilly breeze was still a great feeling as it was a first sail of the season. Medium winds with occasional gust made it great conditions to test what was forgotten and retained during the break.

Couple of hours was clearly not enough of training as rust was felt in first two races, but later everything seemed to fall into places. Decision to sail with four members instead of five also had it pros and cons. Upwinds in stronger gusts was a challenge, but the downwinds seemed easier and the speed was enough to cover for it. Everything was going better with every tack and rough races were followed by a win. Great starts and minimal mistakes led the team foward in next races activelly battling for top positions.

Satisfying teamwork led by skipper - Radvilas Janulionis, resulted in a silver finish for the team. Now looking forward to more training and the second round in two weeks.

Find the results here.

Fair winds!

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